New Science in the Making


1. What is solar energy? Solar energy is an alternative energy source that involves the use of light energy emitted by the sun and converted into electricity. Since it was discovered, it has been listed as the perfect solution for the energy needs of all the world, because it is a clean source, free and you can get anywhere on the planet.

2. What is a solar panel and how it works? A solar panel is an aluminum structure formed by silicon solar cells made in which the photovoltaic effect by the radiation received from the sun into electrical energy becomes.The photovoltaic effect occurs when solar radiation is incident on an electron from an atom of the cell. With this new energy, the electron is able to escape from its normal position associated with an atom to form part of a current in an electrical circuit. Thus the electric current that operates the world is achieved.
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4. Where I can install the panels? Solar panels can be installed anywhere, either on farms or homes with flat roofs or structures on the same floor, or by post structures on the walls of buildings. In Spain the panels are placed facing south, to get the maximum use of daylight hours. His inclination depend on the latitude in which the installation is performed. Similarly, the amount of solar energy received also depends on the area where the installation is performed.
5. What is a solar controller? A solar (or load) charge controller is a device to constantly monitor the state of charge of the batteries as well as regulating the load current in order to extend the life of batteries. Controls input current from the solar panel and prevents overloading and deep-discharge occur in the battery.